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Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV Testing Services

We offer STI and HIV testing at all our clinics.

Our main centre for STI and HIV testing is located in Isleworth at West Middlesex University Hospital.

Routine STI check ups are also available at our Sexual Health Clinics in Hounslow, Feltham and Chiswick.

All our services are confidential and no GP referral is required.

All our clinics provide advice and routine testing for sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Use the information below to identify which service is best for you.

Routine STI and HIV check ups

If you do not have any signs or symptoms of an STI and would like to test, you can attend any of our clinics without the need of an appointment. You can test at:

  • West Middlesex Hospital Isleworth
  • Chiswick Health Centre
  • Heart of Hounslow Health Centre
  • Feltham Centre for Health

It is recommended that sexually active people get tested for STIs at least once a year. The most common STI in the UK, Chlamydia, does not often show any signs or symptoms, so even if you feel nothing is wrong we would still recommend getting tested.

Testing at our sexual health clinics is simple and pain free. A routine check up does not involve any invasive or painful tests. Routine check ups will include all tests that are appropriate for someone with no symptoms. Usually, a self taken swab for women and a urine sample for men and a blood test are taken.

You will not be examined by a doctor. If you feel you require a doctor please see below.

All our patients are offered a HIV test, this will be discussed with you when you attend.

We have a target to send you your results within 10 to 14 days. All patients are sent a text message within two weeks with their results.

Clinics for patients with symptoms

If you require treatment for an infection or you are experiencing any of the following: lumps or changes to the genital area; a new or change in discharge; any pains associated with sex or any other causes for concern; we recommend you attend the following services: 
West Middlesex Hospital Isleworth (walk in and appointments) Hounslow (by appointment only).

These clinics are led by sexual health doctors and nurse practitioners who can provide on site testing, examination, diagnosis and treatment for most infections and most problems can be dealt with while you are in the clinic. You are welcome to attend our other clinics for advice but they may need to refer you to a doctor.

Clinics for patients who have been told by a sexual partner they may have an infection

If a current or past sexual partner has told you they have been diagnosed with an infection, it is extremely important that you attend a sexual health clinic, get tested and receive treatment, if necessary, even if you do not have any symptoms.

You might have come into contact with the infection without knowing. If a current or past partner has told you they have been diagnosed with chlamydia and you have not noticed any changes to your health you can attend any of our clinics for testing and treatment.

If you have been told by a current or past partner they have any other STI, or you have symptoms or noticed any changes to your health, please attend our West Middlesex clinic (either by appointment or walk in).

If your partner gave you a contact slip, please bring this with you when you attend.


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