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Online Test & Go

Want a routine HIV and STI check-up but don't have time to wait?

If you have no symptoms and just want a routine check up, you can now book a time slot online at either the West Middlesex Hospital or Heart of Hounslow clinic, attend at your chosen time and we will provide you with a routine STI screen and a HIV test. (If you do have symptoms or specific concerns, please telephone to arrange an appointment so we can ensure your appointment is the most appropriate one for you.)

No waiting to be seen, just test and go!

We will launch a selection of appointments two days in advance, so if your chosen time isn't available now, bookmark us and check back tomorrow.


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What is test and go?

Testing for HIV and STIs should form a part of your health routine. We appreciate it can be difficult to attend a walk-in-and-wait service when all you want to do is check that everything is OK. By getting patients to book their routine appointments online we can plan your visit better, testing you for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B (if required), Hepatitis C (if required), Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia, but without asking you to wait to see a doctor.

If you are high risk for HIV, we can also provide you with an instant HIV result using our finger prick testing service at the same time. To see how a HIV test is carried out check out our video below.


Testing for HIV



Who carries out the tests?

Health Advisers and Sexual Health Technicians carry out our HIV tests and are employed by West Middlesex University NHS Hospital. Testing is covered by the Venereal Diseases Regulations (1974). This means that no information about you or your test result can be passed on to a third party, including your GP, without your consent. The same laws apply whenever you attend a sexual health clinic in the UK. At an online Test and Go appointment you will not see a doctor. If you need to see a doctor please book an appointment by telephoning us or attending one of our walk in and wait services.


What will I be tested for?

We will be offering routine STI check-ups for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (if required) at the same time. Your HIV result will be available during your visit, all other tests take 5 working days to come through and we will text you the results.


Information about booking online

We work in partnership with Zesty to offer our online booking service.

By proceeding with booking an online appointment you agree to Zesty storing the name of the clinic, your mobile number and given name on their systems and passing this information to the service provider for updating of their appointment systems.  You will also be sent a text appointment confirmation and text appointment reminder.  Your information is stored in a secure environment in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will be removed from Zesty's systems after 14 days. If you do not agree to your information being used in this way please do not book an online appointment and contact the clinic directly.