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Online Contraception Consultation

Want a new method of contraception or to review your current method?


We now offer online booking for appointments at Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health for patients who would like to discuss their contraception options.

During your appointment we can provide you with your options for a range of routine contraception such as combined and progesterone only pill, contraceptive injection and contraception patch. We can also provide coil checks, assessments for a new IUD, IUS and implant, and pregnancy testing during a consultation.

A consultation is required before an IUD/IUS or implant is fitted.

Book online for an appointment at our Heart of Hounslow clinic and avoid having to wait with the walk-in service.

If you are currently established on the contraceptive pill or patch we strongly recommend attending your GP for a follow up. Your GP will be able to provide you with a yearly supply of the contraception you are currently using.


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