Sexual Health Hounslow

West Middlesex University Hospital

Contraception and Family Planning Services

Our contraceptive clinics provide: contraceptive advice and treatments, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, referral for termination of pregnancy and options counselling.

Our main contraception and family planning service is located at Heart of Hounslow. We also provide contraception walk-in clinics at Feltham and appointments at West Middlesex Hospital.

All our contraceptive treatments are provided on site and free of charge.

Our clinics provide the following contraceptive methods:

*The fitting of these methods are not currently available at our Chiswick clinic

Contraception FAQs

I am not sure what method is best for me

Visit one of our sexual health clinics for a consultation with a specialist contraceptive nurse who will discuss all your options with you and, where possible, provide you with your chosen method during your visit. You can also book online for an appointment at our Hounslow clinic.

I would like a long acting method such as the IUD (coil), IUS or implant

We provide assessments and referrals for long acting methods at all of our clinics. For one of these methods you should attend a contraceptive walk in clinic to be assessed for suitability. A nurse will discuss your options, take a medical history and ask you to prove a swab sample for bacterial infections. You will then be advised of the right time to have your chosen method fitted. We provide appointments for fittings at our clinics at Hounslow, Feltham and West Middlesex Hospital. We aim to offer all our patients an appointment for their chosen method within four weeks of their assessment.

I would like my IUD (coil) or IUS removed or checked

You can have your IUD or IUS removed at our Chiswick, Feltham or Hounslow clinics. You do not need an appointment. Please check the clinic opening times.

I am having problems with my contraception

If you are experiencing problems with your current contraception please attend a contraceptive walk in session. Most problems can be dealt with on the same day. An appointment for a doctor will be made if required.

I would like a pregnancy test

All our walk in clinics provide pregnancy testing. You can also consider your options with a specialist nurse or health adviser and obtain a referral for termination of pregnancy or antenatal care if requested. All patients requesting a pregnancy test are offered screening for STIs.

I need emergency contraception

If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse in the last 72 hours, you can attend any of our walk in clinics for emergency contraception. More information on emergency contraception can be found on the NHS Choices website.